The Roma Luxus Hotel is in Largo Angelicum, in the Monti district, the beating heart of Rome. A location of excellence in which to lose yourself in the picturesque alleyways, amongst the vintage and artisan shops, Umbertine palaces, trendy fashion stores and historic wine bars. A dynamic crossroads between the Colosseum, Roman Forum and the joyful Roman vitality. An ideal area to enjoy yourself, to breathe in the immortal beauty of the city and a convenient spot for getting about on foot or on public transport.

Largo Angelicum 4, 00184 Rome

Tel +39 06 32091281


41.8959908 - 12.487270299999977

Largo Angelicum 4, 00184 Rome Tel +39 06 32091281


41.8959908 - 12.487270299999977


Trajan’s Markets

2 minutes’ walk

Along Via Quattro Novembre in the direction of Piazza Venezia, opens up an evocative glimpse over the remains of what was once an important administrative centre of imperial Rome.


Piazza Venezia

5 minutes’ walk

Taking Via Quattro Novembre, you reach Piazza Venezia, one of the most famous locations of the capital, over which towers Il Vittoriano, a monument erected in honour of Vittorio Emanuele II between the 19th and 20th centuries.



5 minutes’ walk

Traversing Via Ventiquattro Maggio, you reach the hill par excellence, where stands the homonymous residence of the President of the Italian Republic, a splendid example of Baroque architecture.


Fori Imperiali and Colosseum

5 minutes’ walk

Taking a marvellous stroll along Via dei Fori Imperiali, you reach the most imposing and famous monumental area in the world.


Trevi Fountain

10 minutes’ walk

Travelling along Via Quattro Novembre, you come to the most celebrated and famed fountain in the world. Completed in 1762, it amazes and enchants with its late-Baroque style and its use of marble and travertine.

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